The thought stirs up feelings of both excitement and apprehension. I find myself desiring certain comforts: the comfort of a home cooked meal, the nuances of a city I have made my home, and close friends who have known me outside of the realm of the traveler lifestyle. Yet I know there are things I know I will miss: never knowing or caring what day or time it is, constantly meeting new people, and complete independence from anything tying me down. But this month will be different. It will be a blend of home and abroad with Max coming to explore along with me. I know it will be a challenge to remain entirely the moment, with all of the big life changes right around the corner. That’s what I have my best buddy for. Let’s take this last month to appreciate the wonderful adventures and challenges living in Asia brings. Then we will just have to begin planning for the next journey and part of the world in which we will meet.