Right before I left Delaware 7 months ago I underwent some big changes, simplifying my life down to 5 boxes stored in my friends attic and the 18 kilo backpack that would be my companion for the next year or so. I sold my car, my furniture, and gave away a large majority of my wardrobe to friends and charities. In exchange I asked for donations for children I knew I would be volunteering with throughout my travels. This is an account of how these generous donations have been put into action across Asia. Thank you to everyone who donated their hard earned money. You can see through these pictures the impact that every bit has on the lives of those in need:

Children’s Orphanage (ages 6 months-8 years)- Nha Trang, Vietnam: $20 used to buy treats for their Christmas meal




Local Village Elementary School (ages 2-11 years)- Koh Rong Samleom, Cambodia: $20 used purchase building supplies for their new classroom

Pictures to be posted soon

British Non-Profit – Phnom Penh, Cambodia: $20 used to used to purchase handwriting notebooks for kindergarten students in poor villages. This organization provides medical services, English classes, and fresh drinking water to squatter communities that are extremely poor.

Pictures to be posted soon

SEALAO nonprofit organization- Vang Vieng, Laos: $30 used to help support English classes given to local kids as well as sustainability and green education programs in the community. I volunteered as they set up a celebration at the local school for 200 villagers and students as a thank you for their ongoing kindness and support of the programs. The celebration included games for children and food from around the world. As a thank you the local elders blessed us in a cultural ceremony tying white string around our wrists for luck and gifting us snacks.

Pictures to be posted soon

To be continued…The intention is to find valuable organizations, volunteer with them to ensure the money is going directly to the cause intended, and then donate as appropriate. There is still more money I was entrusted with and will continue to update this post as I continue volunteering across Asia. Thank you again!