On my domestic Indonesian Lion Air flight, they made it a point to remind their passengers that the illegal trafficking of drugs carries the maximum penalty of…wait for the ominous pause…death. This announcement was made right before take off–just in case all of the illegal drug traffickers wanted to jump ship now and make a run for it, regardless of the steel doors that have just trapped them in. I would like to take a survey of the plane that would consist of just two questions: #1 “What is it in your life that keeps you from deciding to become a drug dealer? ” A. Your moral sense of right and wrong B. It would take too much work to adopt the past paced lifestyle of a dealer or mule or C. Lion Air’s friendly reminders keep me following the straight and narrow. And #2 “If you are or were ever in your life to become a drug dealer/mule, would an airline automated system message warning you of the legal consequences be sufficient to scare you straight?”
Somehow I think both questions would prove interesting for data collection on those infamous “tell us what we can do better” comment cards. How about a weather update for the destination city; or even an ad spouting off the meals served on board? Anything that might seem a little more relevant to all those on board–unless of course I am currently surrounded by >200 Indonesian drug dealers who are either not intimidated by death or are currently sweating like crazy hoping not to be found out. Hmm it makes me do a double take at that 80 year old woman I helped carry her bag that was twice her weight to the plane earlier. Am I now an accessory to an underground drug operation?
Wish me luck, not only as I try to make it through the flight without being questioned, but also as I embark on my travels with no knowledge of wether I packed appropriately for the weather or if they are serving chicken for dinner on this flight…oh the sacrifices! It will be quite a treacherous journey.