In the land of kitschy coffee shops, mountain side restaurants, and even children sporting a full head of Rastas, it seems normal to be relaxing in a 1960’s egg chair staring at a 180 degree view of the lush green valley of Pai, Thailand. The Thais put a lot of effort into this city, more than I have seen in most, careful decorating ever nook and cranny with something handmade and colorful. It’s strange the effect just a colorful splash of paint can have on a place and what an influence it can have on my mood. As I drift into a relaxed meditative state it is quite an experience to feel so incandescently happy. I’ve been riding this feeling the last week, going on motorbike excursions through the mountains, swimming in a reservoir in the rain, and dancing with new friends until I just couldn’t stand. This life also lends to solo time, reading, practicing my French, drawing, thinking about the future and where it will take me. My mind is learning how to go from its normal 100 mile an hour state to a slow relaxing emptiness when the situation calls for it–something I never thought I could be capable of.