Someone I met while traveling said that when you travel by yourself you experience higher highs and lower lows. I couldn’t sum it up any better. The lows are lower because quite frankly it’s easy to be lonely. You don’t have anyone to pick you up and challenge you to fight the slump you are in. 
The highs on the other hand are often much higher. When you accomplish something, meet someone new, or push yourself to do something you never thought you could. 

Take the full moon party in Koh Pengnang for example. 5 minutes in as we barreled through the insane neon painted crowds, I was separated from my friends. As I danced and feigned indifference to flying solo there was a creeping feeling that I might spend the next 6 hours on this crazy beach filled with people feeling all alone. Seconds later I was snapped back to reality as a Spanish couple who recognized me from my club promoting days in Koh Phi Phi, almost ran me over with their enthusiasm and embraces. If only I could remember who they were! That fact played little importance as they dragged me down the beach determined to find all of the Spanish speakers on the beach. I’m pretty sure I only spoke to one person in English the entire night–a cool Canadian guy who was on vacation from medical school that I had met, Dougied with and visited some cool spots in Koh Tao. Even amongst the 50,000 people, somehow this felt like a small world where I was running into everyone I had met on the islands over the past few weeks. 
While most spent the next day recovering from the festivities, I, along with 2 British guys I met at the smoothie stand, decided to try our hands at Muay Thai. Our trainer didn’t hold back, and after 1.5 hours I thought I might walk again. The only thing that helped me get up the next morning after revisiting the post full moon party with two southern Californian guys I had me back in Koh Tao, was the prospect of another odd job in Thailand. My Muay Thai trainer offered me a position as a massage therapist for the guys he trains and I could stay and work reception at his friends bungalo resort. While I revel in the randomness of it all, life on that island centers around the half and full moon pre, and post parties. I think there is only one week a month where jungle, waterfall, and beach parties are not overrun buy drunk tourists–I decided it was better as a one time thing. Having overstayed my welcome (aka visa) in Thailand I hopped on a cheap Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.