Sleep deprivation has the effect of seriously challenging your mental prowess. Can you get from point A to B via treacherous night ferry, barter for a taxi, out race other travels for the last spot in a dingy bungalow, and do it all without speaking any of the language? On top of that traveling by yourself means always being on your A game. Meeting new people, challenging yourself to try new things, and trusting your gut feeling about where you are and who your with takes it out of you. 

3 weeks in and I think I might be losing it. This morning I woke up talking to a rooster. For some reason I thought yelling “ra” at him would keep him from cockodoodledooing all morning and then I proceeded to throw a shoe in his general direction. I am sure you can guess which one was more effective. 

However, as taxing as it may all be, I am having some of the most amazing experiences and meeting some fascinating people. I’m going to Malaysia to stay with a new friend that has a house there and extend my visa; I was invited to go to new Zealand to work with 2 Mexican brothers and a Spanish girl, and a Dutch girl named Ankie has extended her travels to meet me and go jungle trekking. I met a guy who was dead set determined that I was crazy, that talking to everyone, planning nothing, and living in the moment made me an admirable good type of crazy. I’ll take it, being normal is overrated anyways.