Damian, a five year old Malaysian boy living in the small jungle town of Taman Negara, entertains himself most days with a rock, some sticks and fire. The last two days however he has been spoiled, Ankie and I enamored  by his crooked tooth smile and zest for life, have spent many hours doing somersaults, spinning him around in circles and reliving our childhood. If you asked either of us if we could live in this 15 min across river town and you would get a resounding “no way!” but this child, with his neighborhood school and abundant outdoor space is content, he has never known anything different. I have had many moments such as these while traveling, when you realize how different things are as well as how much similar even though I grew up thousands of miles away. Children are children, no matter where they are raised. Ankie and I share many childhood and life experiences that parallel and have spent many nights discussing those that differ, broadening our understanding of this diverse world we live in. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without these global experiences, I am thankful for the opportunity to continue learning in the many months to come.