Yesterday was the first day that I lived an experience similar to that of my parents 25 years ago traversing the world on an almost laughable budget. As a child they regaled me with tales of sleeping in caves, getting sick off of dirt cheap street food, and visiting amazing places all for less than a $1/day. I chalked it up to one of those stories parents tell about their childhood that are all too exaggerated and unbelievable to possibly hold much truth. It couldn’t have been that inexpensive, and there was absolutely no way that I would be able to replicate this in 2013.
After a day of deep water solo climbing, cliff jumping off of 6 meter heights, eating exorbitant amounts of mexican, American, and Thai food, flyering for the rooftop “Banana” bar, and enjoying quite a few cocktails as a bonus, the grand total was a bank breaking 25 baht or an equivalent 90 cents. One day into my Thai island hopping adventure and I have a job offer at a dive shop, tour agency, and the current luxury of getting paid and showered in free food and drinks to talk to and meet new people. Anyone who knows me well enough should refrain from telling my boss that I would have done that for free.
So 25 years later, while I’m sure this Thailand is not the one my parents conquered on a budget, it shows that some things never change. This may be one of the only times I revel in the idea of maintaining the status quo. No need to rock this boat.