Counting down the hours before I would embark on my journey to Thailand I am filled with many reservations. Is it safe? Is it going to be an insane culture shock? Would I enjoy myself? And most importantly is it the right thing to do? I was not short of reservations. Also, yesterday I came to the insane realization that I actually had gone through this whole preparation process and literally made no reservations at all, not one. Sure I know the massage school I intend to go to, the area where I might find cheap guest houses to accommodate myself, and the bus number that I would need to catch in the dead of the night in Bangkok, but nothing was set in stone or paid for other than my daring one-way flight. I have been justifying this sheer stupidity as a defense mechanism to not freak myself out and chicken out; but wouldn’t one think that the act of making down payments and having something organized would be just the thing to quell these fears? I sure am a strange one. So now, less than 24 hours away from departure  and I am, how can I put this, freaking out. Well I hope a good nights rest will push these feelings away, I doubt I will be able to sleep. So chicken or not, here’s to hoping I get on that plane tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Bangkok (Photo credit: @Doug88888)